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This week the children have been exploring 'The Gruffalo' through reading the story to visiting the Gruffalo Cafe. The children have been labelling the Gruffalo's features, describing what he looks like and writing menus for the Gruffalo Cafe, thinking about different foods they could cook such as 'scrambled snake' or 'owl ice-cream'. Furthermore, the children have been making their very own Gruffalo's using cocoa and vanilla Play dough. The children have been very busy and have had so much fun.


This week the children have been looking at the story of Each Peach Pear Plum. They have had to think about words that rhyme and go together. To achieve this, the children have been playing rhyming games such as 'slug in a jug' and reading words and matching them to the correct sound column. The activities provided have enabled the children to write a rhyming sentence such as 'Sam and Pat got in the hat'. 

Each Peach Pear Plum