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Fantastic Festivals

What a fantastic week we have had in Willow class. We have been working really hard and are definitely beginning to get into the Christmas spirit.


In English this week we have been using the text 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' we have been creating character descriptions and predicting endings for the story. We used drama to act out our favourite parts from the book.

We then decided that we would like to write our own letters to Father Christmas. We thought about the key features of letters and the things we would like to include. Once we had planned our letters and edited them we put them in a magic envelope and posted them in the post box. Fingers crossed we get a reply next week!


We have been working really hard on recognising different coins and understanding their values. We have created and answered money word problems and even had a class shop where we could buy different things!


We have continued our work on The Human Body. This week we investigated what impact exercise has on our heart rates. We had great fun having a go at lots of different exercises and then feeling our hearts to see what has happened.

Welcome back!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind get well soon wishes following my operation. It is fantastic to get back into the classroom and all the children are being very caring and are keen to get on with lots of exciting activities.

Week beginning 23.11.05




This week we have been looking at the St Lucia Festival of light and have linked this through to the Moomins. The children were very excited to see the slightly strange white characters in our classroom on Monday morning. We began the week making predictions on what the characters were and what they were doing. We then moved on and watched a short clip from an early episode of the Moomins. We discussed the animation and the difference between this and Peppa Pig. We then used the settings to create some descriptive writing based on the changes from Winter to Spring. On Wednesday we researched the North Pole. We looked at the location and the images we would see if we visited the North Pole. We couldn't believe that in February the temperatures reach -35 degrees! We then created our own Moomin characters which we are going to use in our stories on Friday.

Please check back to see examples of our stories.


In maths this week we have been looking at subtraction sentences and finding the difference. We have looked at different equipment we can use to help solve different subtraction sentences. We investigated using cubes, counters, pasta and number lines. We then looked at mental strategies that we could use to help us accurately solve the sentence.

We are very proud of our maths work and will be presenting 2 pieces for the school maths wall on Friday.

School Nativity

We are very excited about our school nativity play this year. Letters have gone out this week if your child needs any costume bits. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff if you have any queries re costumes.

I would like to thank you all for your hard work in helping the children learn their lines and songs. We are going to try to have a run through on 30th November without words.