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Week 7 beginning 18th May

Half Term Holiday Activity

Before this week's activities, I just wanted to post a document containing half term holiday activities linked to the upcoming topic of mini beasts.    There are 4 to choose from. smiley

Disgusting Digestion!

This week's learning is all about teeth and the human digestive system. 

Oak is linking with Sycamore to share some of the learning objectives we cover together to ensure the children access the different science topics within the curriculum.

Please take a look at the Sycamore Burps, Bottoms and Bile Home Learning if you would like further activities.


English Activites

Two options this week, both linked to the digestive topic.

Please look at all the different information options below to find out facts about what happens to food when we eat it. 

It is a science topic, so it does have scientific words, but the children normally love these and it is important they learn the correct vocabulary so please do support them with this. 

In some texts, (the ones about 'poo') less scientific alternative words are given, but this is to make it fun for the children. 

The first option is to write a fact file about human teeth and the digestive system.  This would include proper scientific terms and be mostly written in the present tense e.g.  Humans have...  The role of the small intestine is... 

The second is the more creative option of writing a story as if you were 'a piece of food' being swallowed.  It would involve more description, less formal language, the use of 'I' and lots of emotions. 

For example, a good opening sentence might be: 

'Into the dark, a moist tongue rolls me from side to side, teeth chomping and tearing me apart.'  


Below is a planning sheet to make notes of key words before either activity, along with some special writing paper for the final version if you like.


There is also the link below to an example of a story which the children can read for FREE on Amazon Kindle Unlimited called:

Human Body Detectives: A Lucky Escape   


A BBC animation about digestion can be found on the link below and also the link to BBC Bitesize learner guides below gives further information through the usual child orientated clips and interactives.   A bit more detail and realistic inside the digestive system film.     BBC Bitesize learner guides

As always, the DK Find Out website is great for clear interactive diagrams and has content on teeth as well as the digestive system.   See link below:    DK find out


For a bit more 'fun' below is a slide show of a book called 'Why do I poo?' which is also available on Epic, and link to a very popular story, again, all about poo !!!


(press the pause if you need longer to read each slide)


The Story of the Little Mole (who knew it was none of his own business!)



Design Technology

How about having a go at making a 3D model of the digestive system using what ever materials you have at home?

Below are some pictures to show you how others have made them.

Remember to include all the human body parts in the correct order!  

You could even measure out your large and small intestines accurately if you wanted!

  • The small intestine is about 6 metres (20 feet)
  • The large intestine is about 1.5 metres (5 feet)

Reading Comprehension

This week there are two different comprehensions to choose from.  One called Sharks (which has a lot of text) and one called Lions Lunch (which has a simpler, shorter text)

Remember, if the writing is small on a pdf. document it can be enlarged by clicking on the plus sign, either at the top, or down the side.

Science Investigation Activities

Three different science activities to support the teeth and digestion topic.

The first is called:

What happens to our teeth when we drink certain liquids?

and investigates the effect of different drinks on tooth enamel by using egg shells.   See the word documents below.


The second investigates how toothpaste protects your teeth, again using eggs.   For this one follow the instructions on the 'Toothpase investigation method' pdf. document.


Finally, there is a very messy digestion investiagtion called 'digestive system investigation it gets messy' pdf. document below.


Have fun!!


UK Geography Activity

Try the Landmarks of the United Kingdom Quiz below. 

Have a go with an adult too - you will definitely know image number 8 laugh

When you open the power point document (below) click on 'slide show' and then 'from beginning'.

Each picture will be revealed part by part then the answers are on the last slide.


For an extension activity you could try to locate these landmarks using google maps or other online mapping method, or even look at an atlas or UK road map book if you have one at home.



This week there are some options again for maths.


If you have the Power Maths practice books at home then please do the units below depending on which year group you have.  

Remember you can access the power maths text books online using the links below.   (You may need to agree to the terms and conditions again)

I have uploaded a word document with squared paper for the Year 2 shape activities. 


Year 2 - Spring Text Book B - Unit 9 - Properties of Shape -  Lessons 1 to 5

Year 3 - Spring Text Book B - Unit 8 - Length - Lessons 6 to 10


Also available on the links are the Summer Maths Home Edition versions of Power Maths with different units each week.  The online resource includes the introduction slides and the pupil practice questions.  I have again prepared the questions on word documents below for ease of use.


Year 2 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 2 - Addition and Subtraction continued

Year 3 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 2 - Multiplication and Division

Alternative Maths Resources - Education City

This week's Education City activities are linked shape if you are doing year 2 maths and multiplication and division if  you are doing year 3 maths.