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Snail Races!


We've been racing snails today to collect some data for our line graphs we are creating tomorrow! We positioned the snails at the start line, then timed how long it took them to slither across each 5cm barrier! 

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Owl Pellets


We really enjoyed dissecting owl pellets today to discover more about the diet of a Bird of Prey. We got to see how they regurgitate a pellet containing the things the animal cannot digest, such as fur, feathers and bones. We tried to decipher the parts of the animal skeleton, and what type of animal it might have eaten by measuring the jaw bones. We also compared it to our own skeletons! 

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Birds of Prey Collages


We've worked really hard on our Birds of Prey artwork this week! We drew lots of sketches of different birds of prey before we decided on our final copy. We then used magazines to create a feathered collage effect! We took lots of inspiration from our falconry session at Tattershall Farm Park!

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Visit to Tattershall Farm Park


We had a fantastic visit to Tattershall Farm Park this week! First, we went to the Eco-Area to do some minibeasting! We really enjoyed finding all the creatures and making a tally of everything we found! Then we got the chance to hold some much larger creepy crawlies! We were very brave holding the snake, tarantula and the hissing cockroaches! After that, we watched an amazing Falconry session, and we got to have a go too! Once we'd had some lunch, we went pond dipping and got to have a wander around the park meeting all the lovely animals! 


Mini-Beasting 1
Mini-Beasting 2
Mini-Beasting 3
Mini-Beasting 4
Mini-Beasting 5
Mini-Beasting 6
Mini-Beasting 7
Mini-Beasting 8
Mini-Beasting 9
Mini-Beasting 10
Mini-Beasting 11
Mini-Beasting 12

Cuddles Corner

Cuddles Corner 1
Cuddles Corner 2
Cuddles Corner 3
Cuddles Corner 4
Cuddles Corner 5
Cuddles Corner 6
Cuddles Corner 7
Cuddles Corner 8
Cuddles Corner 9
Cuddles Corner 10
Cuddles Corner 11
Cuddles Corner 12
Cuddles Corner 13
Cuddles Corner 14
Cuddles Corner 15
Cuddles Corner 16
Cuddles Corner 17
Cuddles Corner 18
Cuddles Corner 19
Cuddles Corner 20
Cuddles Corner 21
Cuddles Corner 22
Cuddles Corner 23
Cuddles Corner 24

Walk around the Park

Walk around the Park 1
Walk around the Park 2
Walk around the Park 3
Walk around the Park 4
Walk around the Park 5
Walk around the Park 6
Walk around the Park 7
Walk around the Park 8
Walk around the Park 9
Walk around the Park 10
Walk around the Park 11
Walk around the Park 12
Walk around the Park 13
Walk around the Park 14
Walk around the Park 15
Walk around the Park 16

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping 1
Pond Dipping 2
Pond Dipping 3
Pond Dipping 4
Pond Dipping 5
Pond Dipping 6
Pond Dipping 7
Pond Dipping 8
Pond Dipping 9
Pond Dipping 10
Pond Dipping 11
Pond Dipping 12

Tweet from Brian Moses!


We've been practicing our piece of performance poetry to perform on Friday and we tweeted a sneak preview this week. The poet has only gone and replied to our tweet! We were very excited to hear from him and he showed us a post explaining why he wrote the poem! Please follow the links above to have a read!

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How does pollution affect a habitat?


We have been looking at how pollution affects a habitat and the environment. We have set up an investigation to observe these changes. We put pond weed into some test tubes with a variety of pollutants. Mrs Brown did all the handling of the chemicals and we will then observe what happens over 2 weeks! 

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The Lion King Musical Score!


We've been looking at the settings and changing atmosphere for adventure stories. Today, we were given different scenes from the Lion King and we thought about how we could create atmospheric music to accompany what was happening in that scene. We had to design our own notation as well as choose appropriate instruments, tempo and pitch. 

The Lion King Musical Score!

Still image for this video

The Lion King Musical Score!

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The Lion King Musical Score!

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Switch Zoo Animals!


We've been learning about different habitats and the language used in food chains! We used an app called Switch Zoo to design our own creatures! We had to morph three animals together to create a new animal! We then had to think about it's diet, habitat and whether it was a predator or prey!

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Picture 3
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