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Term 4 Week beginning 8th March home learning



Please watch the Magic Grandad clip using the link below.  


Please look at the power point that describes the features of a recount. 

Put the pictures from the Magic Grandad into time order using the recount planning frame. 

Add a time adverbial (First, then, next etc.) to each part of your plan. 


Watch the clip again, thinking about how each of them would have been feeling. 

Add words to describe feelings to each part of your plan.  E.g.  nervous, frightened, worried, sad.



Look at the examples of the recounts to the Farm and Eden Project on the power point.  

Identify the introduction - these tell the reader When,  Where,  Who and What about the event being recounted.  

Write your own introduction for the Magic Grandad recount, describing When, Who, Where and What. 


Using the first two pictures on your recount plan, write some sentences in the past tense to say what happened, how they felt and one historical fact that the children learned. 

Reading Activities - don't forget you have Epic Reading books too. Choose from the activities when you complete a book.

Science - Materials - vocabulary activity

Weather Chart

Please record the weather daily using the link and the chart below.

Remember to put your cuddly toy to bed when it gets dark completely and record the time. 

Does your toy go to bed before or after you?