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Alchemy Island

Monday 4th February

Cinquain Poems


Today we have been expanding our vocabulary by looking at a variety of gemstones, that we found on our journey through Alchemy Island. 

We chose one each, which caught our attention, and thought of words to describe its colour, pattern and shape.

After collecting a range of vocabulary, we used a thesaurus to find more interesting words to describe our gemstone.


Tomorrow we will be using this new vocabulary to create our own cinquain (5 line) poems.


Look out for some of our completed poems later in the week.

MUSIC- Persuasive Rap


So far on our journey, we have been transported through a magical portal into the Kingdom of Winterbourne, where we walked through the Ancient Citadel. From here we continued our journey (following the co-ordinates we were given) to find the Alchemist at Dragon Vine Towers, over Iron Lake, past the Golden Fountain- where we learned about irreversible changes and on to Crystal Hedge Forest.


Once we had studied what happened to the golden beads, we carried on past Copper Nook, picking up supplies on our way to create electrical circuits. 


We then used our circuits to make torches, in order to see our way through Shadowly Caves, before getting to our destination.  However, after our long, arduous journey we then had to compose a persuasive rap to convince Albertus to let us in.


You can see the finished article on the video sharing platform.


Tuesday 15th January- Computing


Today we have been learning how to take digital photos and upload these to folders on the computer. We then explored editing and layering images to create fantasy landscapes and portal images. What do you think?




Week 1- 7.1.19

 The Alchemist's Riddle


Today we went to Tattershall castle to visit a strange alchemist (a person who tries to turn base metals into gold). He welcomed us into his room and told us a strange riddle to start our journey, where we will be transported through a magical portal onto the mystical place that is 'Alchemy Island'.


On returning to school, we looked closely at a map of the island and looked up unfamiliar words from the riddle, in order to crack the first clue which old us where we would appear on the island.

Whilst we were at the castle and looking around the grounds, we also identified objects that we could use in our own narratives that could become the portals to transport us on our quest for gold!


Next week we will be learning how to upload these images and use them to create fantasy landscapes.