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Summer 2 ID

Summer Term 2 - ID


Who do you think you are?


During this final half term of the year, we’re going to find out what makes us the people we are. We’ll meet a mysterious man and consider what traits and features give us our identity. Thinking about what makes us unique, we’ll write stories in which we have a new identity. We’ll learn about branching databases and how to create a classification system. Then, we’ll gather data about physical features, make spreadsheets and look for patterns. We’ll take part in physical activities that challenge us and measure the outcomes. While comparing photographs of ourselves with those of our relatives, we’ll decide if we share any features. We’ll create adverts and write fantasy stories. After investigating fingerprints and genetic characteristics, we’ll create 3-D models and design clothing that reflects our personality.

At the end of the project, we’ll think about factors that influence our personalities and bring in objects that mean a lot to us. We’ll share what we have learned about our identities and reflect on our strengths.

Week 1- wb 7th June

Today we started our new learning journey by watching a video clip about an imaginary person with no ancestors, hopes, dreams or personality. 

We all thought carefully about what makes us, us and then chose a trait or part of our personality that we would like to give that person. We came up with some great ideas, such as: friendliness, caring, blue eyes, talented at sports etc.


Next in Guided reading, we looked at a report all about the evolution of a species of moth, known as the Peppered Moth. Once we had read the text, as we were so keen to prove Darwin and Wallace's theory of natural selection that we tested this using an experiment where we pretended to be the predator of the moth and looked carefully at our results in different environments.


Here we are conducting our investigation.

Week 2

This week we have been on a fact finding mission to find out as many interesting things as we can about FINGERPRINTS. Here are some examples of what we have found.

Week 3 Week beginning 21st June

This week Pine Class have been looking at Calligrams in English. We started off by making collections of words about us, our character, our appearance and personality. 


Next, we thought about things that made us feel good: our hobbies, aspirations and dreams.


Finally we thought carefully about the shapes we would use to link to the themes we chose.


Here are some good examples of our work.