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Carrying on from last week, we will be finishing our animal adventure stories this week. For the first two days I want you to take your animal stories and turn them into a book. Get several pages of A4 paper, fold them in half and then staple them together on the folded line. Then you have a blank book. On the front cover you will need a title, make sure it has something to do with the story and is big enough to see clearly. You will also need a picture on it to show what your story is about. But remember not to give too much away, you don’t want to ruin the story. Finally on the front cover you must put your name to show you ae the author of the story. Inside the book write out your story on each page and put in a picture on each page to help show what is happening. When you get to the back page you need to write a short description explaining what you story is about, it’s called a blurb. Don't forget to bring your books back into school with you when you return.


Now I want you to start looking at Diaries, what is a diary and why would you have one? Do you have a diary already? What would you write in one?


Click on the link and read through the page, watch the videos about diary writing and complete activity 1 on Wednesday, activity 2 on Thursday and activity 3 on Friday. Make sure you recap on the information on the page before you do each activity.