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Our Summer Term 1 science topic is seasonal changes. I have attached a document full of ideas to fulfill the objectives required. I hope you have some fun!

Our Spring Term 2 topic in science is animals. The National Curriculum Objectives for Y1 are:

  • To show an understanding of a concept using scientific vocabulary correctly e.g. wings, tails, ears etc.
  • To apply knowledge in familiar related contexts, including a range of enquiries e.g Identify, observe, classify and compare animals etc.


Anything you can do to cover these objectives would be appreciated but I have attached a list of practical ideas to get you started. Have fun with it!

Chester Zoo is hosting a Facebook live virtual tour today. Follow the link for an article providing more details:

VE Day

I have attached some links for fun activities to help you celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. If you think it is appropriate, Winston Churchill's speech from the day is being re-broadcast and will give the children a historical snapshot of the day. It is on BBC1 at 2:45pm.

Follow this link for fun ideas of keeping active for 60 minutes a day. 


It is also important to get creative over this period of time so I will be updating this page with activity packs and fun ideas for you to try. Don't forget to let me know how you get on over email, Dojo or the class blog. You can also share your own activity ideas for your friends at home to try! 


This term's topic is 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' so you have permission to make some mess! Our 'engage' lesson at school would have been a 'Messy Mixtures Morning' where the children could explore their senses (not taste!) whilst mixing together products like shaving foam, oats, glitter and fairy liquid. I have also attached some home learning ideas for this topic. Our school blog is acting as the classroom so don't forget to upload your great work to the blog in place of bringing it in to show. As you can't take your adult shopping, why not create a new product from ones you already have at home. E.g. a bapple out of a banana and an apple.