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Pine History Term 6 - Local Study - Tattershall Castle

Pine Class trip to Tattershall Castle - the children researched and prepared their own guide books for the trip.

Pine History Term 5 - Early Islamic Civilizations

World War I

This term we will be learning all about what life was like in the trenches in World War I. We will be learning when the war took place, why it started and what led to it ending up being a World war.





This week we have been learning all about life in the trenches. We listened to some first person accounts and read letters that were sent home from the front line.

Men's Jobs During the War

During the war, men's jobs changed dramatically. Some men stayed at home, while many others were sent to the front line. Many were unprepared, however, some were able to use skills from their previous jobs to help them.



Women's jobs 

Women's lives back home changed dramatically too. Many went out to work for the first time, whilst also taking care of their family and their homes.


A day off work, was never really a day off- as all the housework didn't do itself!


Women were drafted in to help with the war effort, working on the land, growing food, making ammunition and postal workers.

The Ancient Maya

In Term 2 we will be learning all about the ancient Maya civilization.


The ancient Maya lived in Central America in an area known as Mesoamerica.



We learned that there are still people living today across the world, who can link themselves back to their homeland in Mesoamerica to huge cities ruled by kings and high priests in the rainforests.


Society was organised as a hierarchy, with slaves and farmers at the bottom of the pyramid and priests and kings at the top. 

The Victorians- The Industrial Revolution


During the Autumn term, we will be learning about the dramatic changes that happened during the Victorian Era, due to advances in technology.


Week 1

This week we thought carefully about when the Victorian Era was, by drawing timelines of periods in history, which we have previously learned about.

We then watched a film clip about the Victorians and focussed on key dates which we will be learning about, such as 'The Great Exhibition'.

Week 3 

This week in our history lesson we used historical sources- paintings from different points in time, to investigate the changes that happened to the landscape during the Industrial Revolution.

We then annotated sketches of a town in 1750 and a city in 1900.



Next, we cut out a variety of facts about population, transport, medicine, living conditions and work, which we sorted to show our understanding of the changes that happened from the year 1750 to 1825 and then up to 1900.

Weeks 4 and 5

During weeks 4 and 5 we have been learning all about 'The Great Exhibition' in history and our whole class reading sessions, in order for us to write our own Non-chronological reports about them in English. Please look out on our English page to see some examples of our finished reports in the next few weeks.