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Rosie and Nibbles Visit! 


We've been looking after the Guinea pigs this week! We've enjoyed them squeaking the corner of the classroom and having cuddles! 

Light up Times Square! 


Today we we had a range of circuits to test....would they be able to light up Times Square? We had to copy the diagrams and learn the symbols for the different elements. We then tested each circuit and tried to explain why or why it didn't work. 

Swimming Stars! 


We we got our swimming certificates this week! We are so proud of our achievements over the past two terms of swimming! 

Love 2 Investigate! 


Today we we investigated conductors and insulators! We had to make a simple circuit and then test materials to see if they allowed electricity to flow through and continue the circuit to light the bulb!  

Christopher Columbus


We have been learning all about Christopher Columbus this week and how he explored the world. We learnt about his adventures and we also created this piece of jigsaw artwork using lots of different materials, such as crayons, water colour and pastels. 

Blueberry Muffins!


Thank you so much for all of your support for Sycamore's Cake Sale this week! We raised over £50! We had lots of fun making Blueberry Muffins to sell and they tasted amazing! We will be having our WOW afternoon on Wednesday 5th December, where parents are invited for free to take part with us in a Jive lesson! 

If I were a....


This week, we have continued to write poetry, but this time, based on the film Brother Bear. We thought about what it would be like as a bear, and then we used the app Chomp to create our own poetry! We chose an object or another creature and then imagined what it would be like to be that thing! We then used the app to present the poetry. We hope you enjoy listening to our amazing poems!

If I were a cloud...

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If I were a bird...

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If I were a washing machine...

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If I were a dinosaur...

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If I were a rockstar...

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If I were a Bear...


We've been using Brother Bear to write some poetry imagining what it would be like if we were a Bear! This group chose appropriate sentences for their poem and then put them in an order that sounded good! We can't wait to read their final copies!

River Shape Poems


We've written some beautiful poetry this week based on our walk to the River. We used our experiences to help us with our senses and similes within our poetry. We also based our writing on Pocahontas' Just Around the Riverbend song, using some of the film's ideas as inspiration.  

Children in Need


We have had a wonderful time celebrating Children in Need on Friday! We dressed up in our PJs or in spots and stripes and the School Council ran a cake sale and a Penny Pudsey at the end of the day! We raised over £200 for this amazing cause! 

UK Parliament Week


We've celebrated UK Parliament Week this week! We looked at how Parliament is organised and how the Government runs our country. We then looked at Claude Monet's artwork of Parliament and used watercolours to create a wash background!

River Walk


We had a wonderful walk on this sunny afternoon along the bank of the River Bain. We drew sketches and noted down vocabulary ready to write our shape poems based on Just Around the Riverbend from the film Pocahontas!

Sycamore Swimming!


We've had a fantastic 9 weeks of swimming this year! We have worked so hard and have achieved so much in this short space of time. We are really proud of what we have learnt and really enjoyed our fun swim to celebrate! 

Islamic Five Pillars


We have explored more of the Muslim Faith this week by learning about their Five Pillars. We learnt about each pillar of their beliefs and then acted out each one for us to guess! Can you work out which Pillar the groups are showing?

Muslim Faith Five Pillars

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Muslim Faith Pillars

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Muslim Faith Five Pillars

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Muslim Faith Five Pillars

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Muslim Faith Five Pillars

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New York Padlet Databases


Today we have learnt a little bit about collating information. We researched facts about New York City and then used a QR code to get to our table's Padlet page. Here, we inputted our information into the correct column and created a bank of facts all about the Big Apple!

Native American Settlements


We designed our own Native American settlements today! We learnt about the different things that would be important to the tribe, for example, being close to a forest or river. We then designed our own tribe's settlement, deciding where to put the teepees and totem poles for the tribe, as well as planting crops!

Contraction Surgery!


We became Surgeons in our English lessons today! We had to create contractions! We had to cut up some of the words, remove different letter parts and insert the apostrophe punctuation! Very detailed and tricky business!

Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary


We have been learning the column method for addition and subtraction this week. We thought about the different types of language we might use when adding and subtracting and sorted them into two piles. We talked lots about how we might use this vocabulary when we're solving problems!

Family Heirloom


We were very lucky today to see a real life Native American sword! One of our pupil's is part American and brought a family heirloom in to show us! We loved looking at the patterns and detail on the front and thought about how people might have lived during this time. 

I have a Dream...


We have learnt all about Martin Luther King and how his views have affected how the people of America live today. We learnt about his life and what he believed in. We also watched a little bit of his famous speech. We then thought about what we might write a speech about and what we thought needed to change in the world. 

Our Disney Letters!


We have posted our letters to Disneyland Florida! We can't wait to see if we get a reply! Hopefully our characters will be really impressed with our letters!