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Autumn Term 1

Family and Friends


In this first unit of the year we will be learning about animals, homes and families, extending our knowledge of introducing ourselves, to introducing others and their family members. We will learn the sounds that farm animals make and be able to write our own verses to Old MacDonald had a farm en français!


Please visit the Video Sharing Platform to watch a video of us saying the song Old MacDonald  after each table group had been assigned an animal to write their own verse about. 

This can be located on the Home page under the Children Tab.

Autumn Term 2

This term we are continuing with our learning in french learning more about were we live.

We have been answering the question Où habite tu?  (Where do you live?) using the phrase 

J'habit à ......


We then learned about different types of homes such as: cottages, castles, houses, caravans and flats. Looking carefully a whether these words were masculine or feminine. Then discussed words that we could use to describe these.


We ended up with sentences like:

J'habit dans une grande maison.       I live in a big house.

J'habite dans une petite chaumière.     I live in a small thatched cottage.

Today we have been learning about using the French conjunctions 'mais'  (but) and 'et' (and) to create compound sentences. We then used word cards to form our own sentences. 

Here are some examples.

French Sentences