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Week Beginning 8.10.18


This week is INNOVATE week where the children work increasingly independently using the skills they have been taught throughout the topic.


Their task is to create a mock website, using hyperlinks to link pages, for a secret spy school.


This week we have also been learning about circuit symbols and circuits in order to create a light up bracelet. Please see below to find out how we got on.


Week Beginning 1.10.18


This week we learned about the dangers of lasers and how we can safely reflect light beams around the room using mirrors to  hit a target drawn on the board.

We also made a periscope and drew annotated diagrams to explain how they worked.

Week Beginning 24.9.18



This week in English we have been looking at our class reading book 'Stormbreaker' in order to find out more about spy gadgets to use in our own stories next week. We also looked at the main character Alex Rider.

Week Beginning 10.9.18



This week we have been finding out what makes a good blog, then looking at persuasive writing in order to write letters to Mrs Liley asking whether we can set up our own class blog. From reading the children's completed letters I don't know how she could refuse!



We have been continuing our focus on number this week, looking at comparing larger numbers using < and > symbols and revising and extending our understanding of Roman numerals. I am very pleased with the presentation in the children's books so far and their attitude towards learning.


PE- Dance

After a little bit of an unsure start using our bodies to create the flow of electricity in a circuit, we put on our performer hats, dug deep and really started to think how an electrical charge might behave as it powered up bulbs, motors and buzzers!


Week Beginning 3.9.18


This week Emma (who helps to design our school website) sent us a great PowerPoint presentation about how she makes websites, with examples of other school websites she has created. This was a great start to our project. She was very sorry that she couldn't talk to us in class via the internet, however, she will endeavour to come in and see how we are doing later in our topic.



In history this week we learned about the changes in technology from the very first was of calculating using an abacus up to the present day. We all had cards from a timeline which we had to place in order to create a class display.

Below are some photographs of us completing the task.


In maths lessons this week we have been working on number objectives, looking at the place value of each digit in numbers and different ways of representing numbers.


PE- Dance

We are linking PE lessons this term to our unit on electricity in science. This week we warmed up using a game with different actions for components in electrical circuits. Then used improvisation techniques to work around a carousel of activities where we used our bodies in different ways to represent electricity.