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Food and Farming

Today we have started our theme of food and farming. The children were asked to tell me what they know about our theme. Their thoughts were put into a spider diagram and will be reviewed at the end of term.

Whilst the children were telling me what they know about food and farming, one child asked ‘How do cows get milk?’. Due to this, we looked at a video to explain how cows make milk.

Today we discussed the artist Paul Cezanne. They found out he paints still life portraits, what medium he used and that he comes from the south of France. The children had to tell me how his paintings made them feel and what shapes and colours they could see. Next, they looked at a selection of his paintings and had to cut and stick their favourite paintings that he created around a portrait of Paul Cezanne.

Mr and Mrs Carr came to visit the children with their tractor today .The children had so much fun and got to find out where our food comes from and where it goes to.

This week we looked at our favourite food. The children made their own pizzas.

Today the children looked at creating their own still life portraits in the style of Paul Cezanne after previously looking at his own still life art work. The children were very creative and had had so much fun in the process!

This afternoon the children had to work in partners and look at images of food and decide which food groups they belong to.

Today the children had to look at their still life portraits they created and experiment with colour seen in their portraits using different media’s.