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Oak Class Trips

Woodland Science Trip

On Wednesday (13th May) we walked to the woods near the school in order to identify our local trees, plants and minibeasts.  We began with a walk along the hedgrow where found and photographed lots of wild flowers and trees to be identified back at school.  We were quite amazed by the different types of oak trees.  In the woods the blue bells were lovely and we even discovered a 'den' made by a giant holly bush.  We spent time taking a close look at the ground, under logs and stones and found lots of insects including centipedes and beetles which we collected in magnifying pots.  We were careful to set all of them free in the same spot.


Visit to Rand Farm 

We had a great time at Rand Farm and really enjoyed seeing and experiencing the farm and the animals first hand.  When we got there the weather was fine and so we went to the outdoor play park to stretch our legs after the bus journey.  Then we were given some food for the animals and we fed the goats, lambs and calves but we were told not to feed the pigs (although we did stroke them).  The goats even ate the paper bags if they could reach them! They were very greedy and cheeky so we had to be careful.  We learned all about how to care for a guinea pig and all got to hold one.  Then we went to see the hatchery.  We were told where to find Sweet and Sour, the chicks we hatched at school.  They have grown beyond recognition!  The very bumpy tractor ride took us to the fields of sheep and cows and we learned how to spot a cow and a bull.  After lunch we had time to play in the indoor play area and then we had to help feed milk to the calves and lambs because their mums did not have enough.  They were very strong and pulled a lot on the bottles.  We were amazed at how quickly they drank. A big thank you to the adults who helped on the trip.  

Visit to St Michael's  Church

Oak Class visited St Michael's Church as part of their topic 'Belonging'.  We really enjoyed the walk there and the fact that it was a different church to visit because some of us had never been there.  Reverend Margaret and Reverend Roy welcomed us and told us lots of information about the church. They also set us some challenges and we had to explore the church to find the answers.  We really learned a lot about the key features of the church as well as some of the more unusual ones. There is a secret door behind the pulpit and the carved heads on the pillars were made by the people who build the church.  The alter was beautiful and we loved the RAF alter with the planes. We found out that the gargoyles scare away evil spirits by squirting water at them!  

A big thank you to the adults who helped us and who made it possible. 

Trip to Heckington Windmill 

We had a fantastic trip to Heckington Mill despite the cold and foggy weather.  First we were given a tour of the mill.  We had to find the mice on each floor.  The ladders were very steep and the cogs and mill stones were huge!  Then we had a baking demonstration using the flour from the mill.  We ate pizza, bread and scones with jam.  Delicious!  A big thank you to the staff at the mill and to the adult helpers who made the trip possible.