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Religious Education

Spring Term


In class this term we are focusing on the resurrection story.


This week we used verses from the Gospel of Luke to find evidence of Jesus coming back from the dead. In groups we then created role plays of each part and acted these out for the rest of the class.


We learned that there were several witnesses that saw Jesus after he was buried in the tomb.



Being Human- Hinduism


Week 1

This week we talked about belief. First we imagined why an England football supporter would have faith in his team, even befre he knew they were winners.

We had a great class discussion on HOPE, TRUST, FAITH, BELIEF and BELONGING.


We then tried to relate this to how we feel about God.


Week 3

In RE this week we though about how we view God. 

I have added some images below of the children's artwork.

Hindus believe that Brahman is like salt and water, an essence or life force, where as we see God in more human form.