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In English we have been looking at Animal Adventure Stories. The children should of come up with an idea about what animal their main character should be, where their story will be set and planned a basic idea for their story. If not then they should spend the first lesson doing this.


Then they should begin to write their story, making sure they have a beginning which introduces their characters and sets the scene. A build up that introduces the first part of their adventure. A problem, this should add an element of danger to their adventure story. A resolution, this should fix their problem and finally an ending that should draw the whole story to a close. This should be done over several days.


Then they could have ago at editing their work using the editing document below to help them. They should use this time to try and improve their work if they can.


Finally, using folded paper turn your story into a book, include pictures, a front cover and a back cover. Be careful how you split up the story onto individual pages.