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Religious Education

Term 4 - Was Jesus the Messiah?


This term we are investigating the question of whether Jesus was the Messiah. We have learnt so far that Messiah means ‘anointed one’ or saviour. We have learnt that the People of God had hope that they would be saved by a Messiah and are beginning to investigate if that Messiah was Jesus and why Christians believe He was.



This week we have been examining the evidence in the Bible about whether Jesus was the Messiah or not. We hot-seated each other as ‘Mary and Joseph’ and asked questions to find out how they felt. 

Term 5 and 6 - Expressing Beliefs through the Arts

We have discussed different ways of communicating. We decided that this could be through many different ways including: mime, signs, writing, drawing and emotions. 


We then looked at some religious pieces of art and considered what meaning the artist was trying to communicate. We discovered that they were linked to religious texts and that when we examined closely we found that we recognised the story that the art was portraying.