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Make your own Woolly Mammoth!


We've been learning about instructions this week in English and today we had to follow a set of instructions to make a model Woolly Mammoth! We had to read the instructions carefully, looking at all the prepositions and imperative verbs! We can't wait for them to dry so we can see how good they look!

SPAG Evening!


Thank you to all the parents who came to see us on our SPAG evening! We had lots of activities set up to show parents how Sycamore does SPAG! It was lovely to see lots of brilliant ideas shared and lots of discussion about the new vocabulary expected in Year 3 and 4. 

Archeology with Mr Wood


We had a fantastic afternoon with Mr Wood this week learning all about archeology. We learnt why it is important to learn about what happened in the past and how we know about how people lived in the stone age. We used some of the techniques a real archeologist would use and found some real life treasures in the school grounds!

Hand Stencils!


Today, we started our Tribal Tales topic by creating our own hand stencils using oil pastels. We were having a practise before we use them for our cave paintings later in the week! We loved using the natural colours and smudging them to create different effects. 

How do you wash a Woolly Mammoth?


We've started to read our text for English this week, How do you wash a Woolly Mammoth? Today we thought about all the things that would make this task difficult. These boys drew their own life size mammoth on the playground and decided on the reasons why this animal would be a challenge to clean!