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World Book Day!


We have finally had the chance to dress up as our favourite book character for World Book Day! Sycamore Class look fabulous! Lots of Harry Potter's and David Walliams characters, which is brilliant! We also wrote a card and chose some books to send to a school whose library has been devastated by a fire. Hopefully, we will be able to improve these children's school time a little bit! 

Did this happen in the Stone Age?


Today we showcased all of our Tribal Tales knowledge by identifying historical inaccuracies in The Flintstones! We had different pictures from the cartoon and had to decide what was wrong in each picture. We looked at the houses, their use of electronics, writing and even dinosaurs! We are really proud of how much we have learnt over the past term!

Editing Stations!


We used our Editing Stations for the first time today! We had written the opening to our Stone Age Story and we then edited it by visiting a specific station. It was great because we could work together and support each other during editing time!

Sport Relief Healthy Lifestyles!


We had a Sport Relief Healthy Lifestyles session today! We looked at the amount of calories different foods had, and learnt that we had to exercise to burn off different foods to ensure we have a healthy and balanced diet. Different foods meant different exercises for different amounts of time. We definitely earned our lunch by the end!