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Oak Class Art and Design Activities

African Collage Collars / Necklaces

As part of our African topic we have been researching the colourful necklaces and collars the different tribes wear.  We recreated our own first by sketching and colouring, then by using a variety of materials as a collage.

Self Portraits

We have been learning about self portraits.  We looked at a range of famous artist's work and their own self portraits.  First we sketched our faces from memory, then we used mirrors and learned how to use guide lines.  The second sketches were much improved!  Then we used paint or pencils to colour a third self portrait.  Can you tell who we are?


The children in Oak made 'fog' pictures as part of their weather topic by cutting a black silhouette more than once and layering it between tracing paper to create a foggy effect. 


Design Technology

As part of our weather topic we designed and made rainmakers.  We had to adapt the contents of our rainmakers to reflect the sound of the type of rain we wanted.  We used rice for a light shower sound, split lentils for a slightly heavier rain and wooden beads or pasta to create a storm like heavy downpour.  We decorated them with sequins and had great fun playing them.  Very loud!