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Spring Term 3 and 4- Mon Monstre

In this unit we will be learning about Body Parts and using this knowledge, along with our previous understanding or shape, colour and size to design our own Monsters and write a description of them.



We have also learned how to sing the song 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in French.

Autumn Term 2- Colour Poems

This term we will be learning more about using French Dictionaries to look up objects to write a colour poem about. We will be using the skills and knowledge we learned last term and adding the word 'comme' - like to create similes.



Autumn Term 1- Shape Book Project

This term in French we will be recapping our French phonics and extending our understanding of French grammar by learning shape names and sizes. 

Once we have learned the above and are confident with where adjectives are placed in sentences, we will then create our own shape books.

Week 3

So far in French this term we have revisited our French sounds, learned the names of 4 different shapes and recapped colours.


This term we have learned more about French grammar and the word order needed to create sentences about shapes that tell us their size and colour.

Week 6- Shape Books

This week we planned our shape books.

First, we decided on some objects that were circlular, square, triangular or rectangular.

Next, we looked up the names of these nouns in our bilingual dictionaries to discover how to spell them and whether our noun was masculine or feminine.

Finally, we drew these objects and then wrote sentences about their sizes and colours, trying hard to remember that the spelling of the word 'a' and colours change when the nouns are feminine.


Please see below to look at some good examples. I was really pleased with the quality of the Shape Books produced by the children.