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Term 5 and 6 Animals including Humans



we have been learning about the 4 different types of teeth which are:

  • incisors
  • canines
  • premolars
  • molars


We investigated the different shapes of the teeth and discussed what they might have been used for. We then ate some apple and some carrot to investigate which teeth we use when eating them. We discussed that we used lots are our teeth. We used our incisors for biting a piece off, our premolars for chewing and grinding and our molars for more grinding before we swallowed it. 



We have begun to learn about the digestive system and learn some of the scientific names for them. We were impressed with how much we can remember from when we were in key stage 1.

Term 4  Friction, Gears, Levers and Pulleys


We have been investigating levers and learning the vocabulary: lever, fulcrum, load and force. 

We then investigated whether the position of the fulcrum affected the ability to lift a load. We discovered the closer the fulcrum was to the load, the easier it was to lift.

This week we learnt about gears. We looked at how gears are used on a bike and how high gears and low gears can help with different tasks. 

we learnt about gear ratio and how small and large gears can have a different ratio to each other and how many revolutions they go round.