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Parental Questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who completed our questionnaire. We are delighted with the positive feedback and comments.


53 responses


98.1% my children are safe, well looked after and happy. Only one parent gave a negative response to this statement.


100% my children are taught well and make good progress at this school




Very happy with teaching and school.

Happy boys= happy parents

I find this school very supportive.

They go above and beyond for their pupils.

A brilliant school.

I am very happy with the school and feel very lucky that my daughter got a place.

Thank you to all the staff.

Very happy with the progress my child makes.

Mrs Spencer has been very supportive.

This school is fantastic at recognizing every individual childs talents and abilities and rewarding this accordingly. Very pleased!

We are really pleased with this school and the progress made in a short space of time.

Very happy at how well my child has settled in.



Not sure about E books.

Not sure what appropriate homework is.

Not sure homework is challenging enough.

Homework load a little too much.

Joined up writing before a child can spell is a little too much.

More communication needed for new parents (Maple class) on homework requirements, tapestry usage and general expectations from the start of term.

One parent who strongly disagreed felt that there were issues with bullying.

Strongly disagree answers were from a teenager and not a parent.

As always we strongly recommend that you come in and share any concerns